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As a child learning to read the newspaper, Gina fixated on the lighthouse logo and motto of her hometown Scripps-Howard newspaper, the Memphis Press-Scimitar. Too young to understand the symbolic meaning, she somehow still grasped the import.




Several decades into her print-journalism career (more below), she and her husband discovered almost by accident that he had ADHD. Gina remembers being shocked that neither she (a well-read newspaper editor at that time) nor he (a molecular biologist with a post-doc at a famous neurological institute) had known to connect ADHD to his lifelong challenges and to their relationship difficulties. And neither had their couples therapists!

Why had the information been so elusive? Why were the myths so pervasive? Why, when they finally had the diagnosis, was effective treatment so scarce? Why were physicians, therapists, the rest of the country and especially the media largely not taking ADHD seriously, much less “giving light”?

It was then, 1999, that she aimed her well-honed research-and-writing skills toward elevating the discourse. She became a pioneering advocate for ADHD awareness and evidence-based treatment standards—by lecturing, writing, and leading discussion groups in Silicon Valley as well as a 700-member Internet group for the partners of adults with ADHD internationally.

Her book was published in 2008 and has won four national book awards. In addition to lecturing and leading workshops locally and nationally. Gina serves as a resident ADHD expert at WebMD. And she receives lots of e-mail with the subject messages “Thank you!” and “Help!!!”

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