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Gina’s three blogs on Adult ADHD:

ADHD Partner – shares the results of the most comprehensive survey on Adult ADHD real-life issues
You Me ADD – a monthly blog examining success strategies for relationships
ADHD Roller Coaster – news, views, and personal essays about Adult ADHD

Magazine articles:

The over-arching focus of Gina’s work lies in empowering adults with ADHD and their partners to be smart mental healthcare consumers, as with this piece warning about the top medication mistakes even doctors make.

She sheds light on cross-disciplinary issues:
ADHD and sleep (the subject of her next book)
ADHD and auditory-processing issues (hint: it’s not simply “miscommunications”).

And, she interviews top neuroscience experts and other notables in the field:
Research scientists Nora Volkow and Stephen Hinshaw
Ava and Rick Green, creators of the documentary ADD & Loving It?!


Interviews with Gina:

From’s “Living Well with ADD” series: “When Someone You Love Has ADHD: Frequently Asked Questions About Helping Your Partner and Yourself”

Life Goes Strong writer Susan Kuchinskas shares Gina’s tips for “Getting Off the Adult ADHD Roller Coaster”

Gina Writing in Garden

Gina working on her next book, The ADHD Roller Coaster Guide to Sleep, in a favorite spot: her garden.